Welcome to the home of one of the U.K’s leading companies in the field of pole repairs and refurbishments to carbon fibre and composite fishing poles.   polerepairs




Carbon Corrections & Repairs has come a long way since its small beginning in 1995 in the east midlands. Today as part of a leading repair specialist, we can look forward to continuing to shape the future of the advanced composites industries, expanding further into the repair market. We never lose sight of the fact that advanced composites industry is constantly developing, and we remain committed to supporting that progress by delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customer tomorrow.

And we never lose sight of the fact that whatever we may achieve in the future will be governed by what we achieve for our customer today. This is our ethos that has successfully brought us to this point today, and this is the ethos that will carry us forward tomorrow.         

The team
As a small dedicated team with an experienced back ground in carbon composite we pride ourselves on our low prices and high quality repairs and our unequalled customer service.

We under stand the importance a pole is within the armory of the modern angler, so we endeavor to have all repairs back in your holdall as quickly as possible. 



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